My Worldview

     How do I view the world? I don’t think anyone can easily find the answer. We may be able to talk about the world, but be unable to give reasons why we view the world this way. Personally, I believe I am half secular and half spiritual. I believe in science and am always amazed by how science can explain so many unbelievable phenomena. I am also amazed at the contribution science has made to human beings and the world. Like Marcus Aurelius said, “Nothing has much power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under the observation in life.” However, there are things that cannot or have not yet been proven by scientific method. For example, ghost photos and haunted places.

   Beyond that, the comparison between spiritual worldview and religious world view draws my attention. In my opinion, when we talk about religion, we have a propensity to understand it in our own religious view or with views which we are most familiar. I am from China and Buddhism is the most popular religion. But when I came to America, I realized Christianity is the belief of the masses. So when we discussed our definition of spiritual worldview, what the other classmates considered as a “spiritual worldview”, in my opinion, they were speaking of a religious worldview. For example, they think that people, whom hold a spiritual worldview, think the afterlife is transcending; however, as far as I know, Buddhism believes so as well. Following death, according to Tibetan Buddhism, the dying individual remains fully aware, for as long as possible, because the thoughts one has influences his/her after-death experience. It also indicates that culture is involved in one’s worldview and it influences one’s worldview.


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