This is China

–Location and Population: People’s Republic of China, known as the huge oriental dragon, is located in the East Asian state. Covering 9.6 million square kilometers approximately, China is the second largest country in the world. China has the biggest population (1,336,718,015as of mid-2011)  in the world. China makes up 1/5 of the population in the world. China also has the highest population density, with 134 people on average per square kilometer. In such a densely populated country as China, subway trains and buses are always congested during rush hours.

–Capital:Beijing is the capital city of China. It is also China’s political, economic and cultural center. In 2008, Beijing held the 29th Olympics, which have won acclaim of the people of all countries.

–Political System: The People’s Republic of China is a state with a people’s democratic dictatorship.Different from most western countries, political party system in China has its own distinctive characteristics: one political party is ministerial party and many political parties take part in politics.

–Economics: Chinese economy is becoming an integral part of the world economy. Forecast says that China will have overtaken the USA to lead the list of the world’s top ten largest economies by GDP measured in PPP terms. What impressed me after coming to America was how common “made in China” is here. China’s public ownership is still the main forms of economics. But the mixed ownership is becoming more and more popular in China as well. Multinational companies spring up. Last spring, I was a volunteer for the 5th Multi-national Corporations Leaders Roundtable Conference. I was shocked by how many companies were involved and how important they were in China’s development.


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