intercultural communication

Currently being in a foreign culture makes me realize how useful intercultural communication is. It benefits me in many ways.

First, traveling has always been my dream. However, traveling is not always about having fun. Cultural difference can be exciting but also frustrating. Therefore, knowing about the culture before visiting the country would be a wise idea. Second, I am interested in being an interpreter or translator. Since language and culture are intertwined, learning about intercultural communication helps me with my translation skills. Third, learning intercultural communication actually helps me make adjustment while I am in a foreign country. When I encounter cultural difference, which happens almost every day, I would refer to some of the theories or concepts that we learned in class.

Personally, I think the most important concepts in this class are cultural dimensions. One can never know everything about a culture. But one can at least know something about that culture. And know cultural dimensions give people directions what kind of research they should do before they go to another country.

What I learned from this class will be with me for my whole life wherever I go. It will help me to adapt to another new environment easier and quicker. Even if I can’t, I will still know the reasons for that. I am truly glad that I chose to take intercultural communication class. It will be useful for a lifetime.